Written by Brian Woolland, directed by Michael Walling

An Odyssey to follow the Iliad of This Flesh is Mine.

Ten years after the Trojan war, Odysseus has yet to return to Ithaka. His son Telémakhos sets out to find the hero who can free the land from occupation, and his mother Penelope from the attentions of her unwanted suitors. Meanwhile, Odysseus struggles to come to terms with the man he has become.

“I am Odysseus or I am Nobody. That is who I am.”

When Nobody Returns continues to meld the Mediterranean worlds of Homeric myth and the present day. After the war is over there are displaced people on the seas, soldiers carrying mental scars, and long-remembered scores that need to be settled.


“A REMARKABLE PRODUCTION. A major achievement by writer Brian Woolland and definitely a must-see event.” Newsline