Audience Testimonial

“Incredible set, amazing acting, very clever take on a classic, very gripping and emotive production”

“I loved it! Great acting and loved the use of the space.  Fantastic.”

“It’s incredible the way you use the stage and the seating around it!  Never seen something like this!  Amazing!”

“Loved the performance – the stage set was also beautiful.”

“Brilliant acting.  The way the scenes moved so seamlessly and smoothly from one to another.”

“No negative comments.  Acting, sound, lighting – excellent”

“Yes, a very interesting venue which worked well.  I enjoyed the interpretation of the great themes from Homer.”

“Good use of space in the theatre, humour and tension were created which held my attention.”

“Very well crafted and well paced.”

“Incredible acting and production!  It was great to be sitting in amongst the set.”

“I thought that both the writing and performance were brilliant.  Great characters with almost classical acting.  A script which deals with power, personality, ambition, land, and what war does to people and the peoples – strong without being preachy, clear but not facile, and not afraid to admit the ambiguities. I’m so pleased to have seen it, and wish that more people could do so.”